Golf and wine discovery weekend

Golf and wine discovery weekend

An incredible Touraine/Anjou wine…

During a golf weekend amongst friends near Pornic, I had the chance to introduce an incredible Touraine/Anjou wine to my companions.

This golf break, an annual unbreakable tradition, is also a convenient excuse to taste some precious bottles.
There were five of us this year, each bringing the good or even best bottles from their cellars.

As you might expect, 2022 was no exception to the rule !

In line with my “commitments” at De Par En Vigne, which correspond just as much with my own tastes, this year I decided to be a little different and go for something unexpected.
After the first round of golf near Nantes, which we were all playing for the first time and I must say gave us a hard time, the aperitif was calling our names…we replied with no hesitation!

We unanimously agreed that he wine I opened,

a 2018 Savennières, was a real delight.
A nectar of exceptional richness, aromatic complexity and length in the mouth..
The Chenin grape expressing all its potential, its power and an incomparable elegance.


A rare wine that I was particularly happy to introduce to my aperitif partners in crime.

A wonderful moment when the wine reminded us that happiness is shared and that it depends on a few simple things:

Good friends, a common passion and the wonders that nature can produce.

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