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business events and private stays


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Corporate :

– Work, motivation or team reward seminars.

– Team-buildings to strengthen cohesion or promote the integration of new arrivals

– Create special moments to boost motivation and/or strengthen team unity

Management :

– Codir, strategy, management or executive meetings

– Alternate time devoted to core subjects with activities around sport, culture and the art of living.

Customers/prospects/partners :

partners :

– Entertainment, competitions, challenges, tasting workshops, gifts…

– Bring a dynamic, differentiating corporate vision to your business relationships

Whatever your needs or requirements, we can offer you tailor-made, turnkey services that will surprise and leave a lasting impression on your employees, managers and customers.

Build a corporate event around these two themes?

We can organize your team building, themed seminars, management and/or executive meetings, or any other event around golf and wine!

Golf and wine, 2 unifying themes perfectly adapted to corporate events!

Team building around golf and wine! Build a corporate event around these 2 themes?

Here are some of the answers:

Golf as a management tool

The practice of golf, for both regulars and beginners, can prove to be a powerful management tool, as this sport can act as a revelation of the deep character of each person:

For practitioners: competitive spirit, mutual aid on the course, resilience…
For beginners: perseverance, acceptance or not of one’s weaknesses, solidarity…

Wine as a unifying and unifying theme

After a round of golf or an initiation, to meet all together in a vineyard, will allow to “debrief ” this particular day, but not only.
The tasting will allow us to discuss other subjects or to debate the wine itself, the tastes of each person or the level of knowledge or even expertise of some.
We can even include more serious or even more divisive issues, but in a soothing context and conducive to exchanges.

In any case, it should be a moment of conviviality and sharing, essential for team cohesion!