Frequently asked questions and answers
  • After browsing the site and finding the perfect region for your stay, you go to the contact area of the site [here].
  • You complete all areas of the form and submit it.
  • After receiving your request, I will contact you, either by e-mail or by telephone, in order to discuss the details of your stay.
  • Once the details are confirmed, I will work on the offering and send you a quote for the whole service (or package).
  • If the quote meets your expectations, you send it back to me “validated” via e-mail.
  • After receiving the “validated” quote, I will send you an invoice, the amount must be paid according to the modalities described in article 4 – PAYMENT TERMS, General Conditions of Sale (GTC) [here].
  • Following the receipt of your payment, I will send you a document summarizing details of the services (Voucher) via e-mail.
  • If you have to cancel your stay at the last minute, contact me, preferably by phone at: 07 82 48 43 54 or by e-mail : contact@deparenvigne.fr.
  • If you decide to cancel your stay, for a reason other than force majeure, then the terms of the Article 6 ~ CANCELLATION OF THE STAY, of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) [here] are applied.
  • Regarding financial issues related to cancellations, refer to the Article 6 ~ CANCELLATION OF THE STAY, of the General Conditions of Sale (cav) [here] .
  • Chronologically, the documents you will receive are the following :
      • Proposal of the break by e-mail

      • if agreed — Quote & validated receipt via e-mail

      • if agreed — Invoice & payment received via e-mail

      • if invoice paid — Details of services/Voucher received via e-mail

  • YES – the reason is that taking out multi-risk or cancellation insurance is not offered when booking.
  • Refer to article 10 ~ CUSTOMER INSURANCE, of the General Conditions of Sale (CaV) [here].

If you have a question, contact me at contact@deparenvigne.fr !