Who am I?

Stays of excellence between golf courses and vineyards


Passionate about golf and a great lover of wine!

I have a message for you!


I am Patrick LANGLAIS, founder of
De Par En Vigne

After many years spent in the banking world, I had the opportunity to give a different direction to my professional life.
I am a seasoned golfer and great wine lover, so it was natural for me to combine these two passions to make my future life project.
Entrepreneurship held out its arms to me, and I jumped in with gusto.
A golfer for 2 decades (index 19) and a great wine lover (WSET Level 2 diploma), it quickly became obvious to me that golf and wine were the perfect combination to develop a new activity.
De Par En Vigne was born!
Are you passionate about golf and wine?
Would you like to share these passions with your partner, family, friends or colleagues?
Are you a novice but curious about these two fascinating worlds?

The ” De Par En Vigne ” concept, which consists in organizing tailor-made stays in France around these 2 themes, is made for you!

You will say to me, “why here rather than another offering”? Because ” De Par En Vigne ” will take you off the beaten track!
The easiest thing would be to offer you golf in the great “classic” wine regions of Bordeaux, southern Burgundy or Reims region.
But do you know the wonderful appellations that can be found around Dijon, Bourges or Nantes for example, as well as the magnificent golf courses that line them?

Let me take you there and help you discover France in a different way!