who are we?

Design and organization
business events and private stays


A word from our founder!


I’m Patrick LANGLAIS, founder of
“de Par en Vigne”

After spending several decades in the banking world, I had the opportunity to take my career in a different direction.

Jumping at the chance, I crossed the border and decided to become an entrepreneur.
With the conviction and certainty that becoming an entrepreneur is not by default, but by passion.

A golfer for 2 decades (index 19) and a great lover of wine and champagne (WSET Level 2 graduate), the idea of combining these 2 passions to create my own company quickly became obvious to me.

“de PAR en VIGNE” was born!

Drawing on my many years of corporate experience, I decided to develop an original and atypical concept for designing and organizing business events around golf and wine, and to extend it to private stays.

All with a particular philosophy: to be different right to the end!

The DNA of “de PAR en VIGNE” is to organize all types of events off the beaten track.
In other words, outside the major “classic” wine-growing regions such as : Bordeaux, Southern Burgundy and the Champagne region of Reims/Epernay.

Because there are plenty of other regions in France with wonderful appellations and no less magnificent golf courses.

Sometimes even in the most surprising places.

Would you like to organize a seminar, team-building event, comex or customer event outside the usual framework?

Would you like to organize a trip with friends, a couple or a family?

“de PAR en VIGNE” is for you!