Welcome to the De Par En Vigne website… !

Welcome to the De Par En Vigne website… !

News by De Par en Vigne > Welcome to the De Par En Vigne website… !

Discover excellent stays with De Par en Vigne between golf and vineyards…

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What is a Par ?

Par: Par is the expected number of strokes a golfer should hit in order to get the ball in the hole.

On each course you generally have a combination of Par 3s (less than 229 meters), Par 4s (Between 228 and 434 meters) and Par 5s (more than 434 meters).

How well do you know your vines?

Vine types are referred to by the generic term – Vitis. These domestic vines are widely cultivated for their fruit in bunches.

In the wild, vines grow in three major regions of the world: North and Central America, Asia and Europe.

There are between 5,000 and 6,000 varieties grown around the world.

France still has just over 200 vine varieties.

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Making you discover golf and the vineyard is my passion !

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