Golf… by Patrick Langlais

Golf… by Patrick Langlais

As an individual or as a group

Golf, an individual sport, is not just for individualists.

Upon reflection, it is easy to conclude that the golfing community, who are in their vast majority, true enthusiasts, are at their happiest when sharing their passion.
Whether as a couple, with the family, amongst friends or in a professional setting.
Having the opportunity to go head-to-head with the course together proves to be a human experience of great richness, whatever the level of golfer you are.

So the pleasure of shared passion is far more important than any other consideration, sporting or otherwise.

Golf, shared moments!

Far from the misconceptions, golf is a sport that conveys values ​​of conviviality and sharing generally associated with so-called “team” sports.
Meeting at the clubhouse to share a beer while reliving the day’s round (I still remember that short missed putt on the last to square the game during the 2016 Porchy Cup, which even today comes up in our conversations).
Tasting a late lunch in the club house, after 4 or 5 hours of effort, or even living extraordinary emotions with friends in front of the exploits of the best players in the world on television, and above all, no social or generational barriers.
Simply, the pleasure of sharing the same passion, by roaming the fairways, club in hand, marvelling at the beauty of a course that one discovers or the joy of celebrating your partner’s successful birdie putt.
Cold and distant golfers…really?

Golf, another kind of ​​conviviality!

Your Golf and Wine break with De Par en Vigne is a concept of ​​conviviality…
It is based on this fundamental principle that De Par en Vigne strives to organize your tailor-made break!

Is golf a sport of friendship?

Non-players will assure you that it is not!

The golfing community will tell you just the opposite.

Golf is a sport that can be played alone or up to 4 people but always with the same pleasure.
It is possible to organize friendly games or competitions using different formulae (matchplay, foursome, scramble).
Personally, for several years now, I have been organizing my own Ryder Cup-style event between 4 friends, which we called “Porchy Cup” (in reference to the neighbourhood we live in).
This friendly competition is a 3-day/3-course formula and has, over time, become an unmissable event in our diaries.
Whatever the format or the challenge, the pleasure of meeting on the course and sharing the passion for golf with your friends remains memorable.

Golf, a unique sport!

Your tailor-made breaks with De Par En Vigne, to share your passion for golf and wine with friends.

Beat the course

Not content with being an atypical sport, because of the misleading image it gives, golf is probably one of the most “technical” sports in the world.
Playing golf requires muscle coordination as well as dissociated movement of the upper and lower body.

This explains why each golfer’s swing is different, the reason being that we are all different – our age, our morphology but also our current physical and mental state.
It is for this reason that the golf swing is considered, rightly, as the most complex sporting gesture … which sometimes, for some unknown reason, goes wrong and causes the desperately frustrating feeling of not knowing how to play anymore.

Do you know what I’m talking about ?

So we go back to the driving range, we rework our routines, we take a lesson or we put our clubs away, waiting for it to come back.
Anyway, enthusiasts of this magnificent sport will tell you that they are all after one thing – the perfect swing. But never actually finding it, or almost!
That said, even the best players in the world will admit that over 18 holes, on a good day, they only hit 3 or 4 “perfect” shots…
…so we can all live with hope!

Golf, a sport, a real one!

Golf is certainly a sociable sport and conducive to friendly exchanges, but above all it still is a sport, with its difficulties and challenges.
The ultimate goal of golfers is to beat the course, but to do so, they first have to beat themselves.
Because this is where the most important concept comes in: The mind!
The great Bobby Jones (the greatest amateur golfer of all time) said, “Competitive golf is mostly played on a 10-inch course, in the space between your ears”!
This sums up perfectly the complexity of this sport, which is loved and sometimes loathed (ask Jordan Spieth what he thinks after his quadruple bogey on hole 12 at Augusta in 2016, when he was leading the Masters!), but which provides incomparable sensations and emotions…

The immense joy you feel when a birdie falls…quickly spoiled by the ball you put in the water on the next hole, a victim of your own euphoria.
Or even the 6m putt for par in the cup, which takes you to another planet…only to come crashing back to earth on the next when a 40cm putt lips out and stops a metre further away from the hole.
Situations that we have all experienced which both frustrate us and excite us but which, ultimately combine to make this and incomparable sport and a thing of beauty.

Golf, a unique sport!


Golf is a sport…but more!

Golf can also be an excellent outlet for managing different forms of stress that each of us face on a daily basis.
Whatever pressure we live with, having the opportunity to spend a few hours in the fresh air with friends, thinking only about your next shot very often makes it possible to leave your troubles behind and find some level of serenity.
Combined with the companionship of one’s playing partners and the collective reward at 19th hole, the whole thing is a real breath of fresh air… both literally and figuratively.

Stressed…9 or 18 holes, relaxation is guaranteed!

Not considering your playing partners as opponents to beat this is one of the unique and probably surprising aspects of golf.

On the course, the spirit of competition tends to give way (except in the case of a real matchplay competition) to the idea of sharing, conviviality and hoping they play well.
Amongst friends, with family as well as with strangers, golfers like to converse while walking the fairways.
So golf naturally has a real social dimension.
It is an opportunity for players of all ages and all sorts to meet, exchange and share.

It is this conviviality, ultimately an integral part of golf, that makes it such a special sport.

The post-round debrief !

What better way to finish off the round than to adjourn to the clubhouse bar with your playing partners, friends or acquaintances to discuss the round?
A late lunch or a drink, analysing and continuing the round in the comfort of the clubhouse is a privileged moment
talking through the great shots while conveniently forgetting the bad ones, and comparing scores.

It is all about prolonging the pleasure and conviviality which are so important to golfers. Tasting some delicious dishes and sometimes, when getting carried away, a few good bottles…
It’s a well-known fact that behind almost every golfer is an epicurean, a lover of good things!

Golf and wine… two themes that go so well together!

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