Wine a transgenerational product ?

Wine a transgenerational product ?

The answer to this question ?

A recent study* conducted by IWSR and Wine Intelligence has dispelled preconceived ideas about the consumption of wine by the younger generations.

Generations “Z” (18/24) and “Y” (25/39) do not only drink beer and vodka !
They represent about 28% of wine drinkers.
“There is no disaffection for the product as was feared since the 2000s,” notes JP Perrouty of Wine Intelligence. “Nevertheless, we can see a real generational break between the 55+ and the others.

Study conducted by Wine Intelligence among 1,000 wine consumers in France, excluding Corsica and the overseas territories
Picture by Silvia

The older they get, the more frequent their consumption becomes.

Beyond the figures, the study shows that the main motivations for consumption are the taste of wine, food and wine pairing, and above all, sharing.

These are values that transcend generations.

On the other hand, the differences between the age groups are reflected in “colour”.
The older we get, the more we prefer red wine. The choice is more balanced among the youngest, with an over-consumption of rosés among the “Z” and a preference for whites among the “Y”.

Par ailleurs, Furthermore, “people don’t know the grape varieties. In fact they don’t know what they are buying (sic!) but they remember what they have tasted”, says JP Perrouty.

Well anchored in the collective unconscious, Bordeaux and Champagne are always in favour. Bubbles even seem to be particularly appreciated by young people with a diversified consumption (cocktails in particular).

wine a very French pleasure
Picture by Heike Schauz

The study also notes (and not surprisingly) an increased awareness of environmental labels among young consumers. The AB logo was found to be the most attractive.

“In short, we can deduce that wine remains firmly anchored in our culture despite a real break in consumption between generations,” concludes JP Perrouty.

Will this “cultural anchorage”, which encompasses all generations, be strong enough to resist the irresistible price explosion that will inevitably affect the wine industry?
This is probably the challenge of the coming year!

Patrick Langlais

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