Harvest 2022, is it a good year ?

Harvest 2022, is it a good year ?

Wine tasting

The main interested parties answer…

…From Cheverny,

Elodie DARIDAN (Domaine DARIDAN – AOP Cheverny/Cour-Cheverny) told me:

« 2022 is a rich vintage with a lot of substance. Limited quantities (result of the conversion to organic) with a nice concentration. Unlike 2021, the vines did not suffer from bad weather (frost, disease, etc.). A great year in perspective! »

Going west,

towards Amboise and Tours, Mrs. Carli (owner of Château de Fontenay – AOP Touraine & Touraine Chenonceaux) explains me:

« An interesting year both in quality and quantity. No frost, no hail and a little rain three weeks before the harvest allowed us to have a good yield. All in all, a satisfying and promising vintage. ».

Further east, towards Bourges,

about the AOP Menetou-Salon, Pauline (from Domaine PELLE) is enthusiastic:

«We are very happy ! 2022 gave good quantities and excellent quality. The hot weather forced us to harvest from August 31, but the sanitary condition of the vines was perfect. Our Pinot Noir reds had decent yields and gave juice on the fruit. The whites, for their part, have good acidity and despite the drought, a decent alcohol level. In the end, a very good vintage available in May/June 2023).»


Not far from here,

Maroussia Wilk-Tatin (owner of the Tatin estate – Quincy/Reuilly) has more or less the same opinions:

“The grapes were of very high quality and in perfect health. A sunny vintage (rather like 2021) with harvesting starting on September 1st. For the whites, excellent yields with wines that are powerful yet fruity. In the Reuilly appellation, the reds had fairly low yields (typical of Pinot), but were powerful and full-bodied.

Much further to the south,

on the Baux-de-Provence side, Léna (from Château ROMANIN – AOP Alpilles) comments:

« A very dry, hot year, but the rain during the harvest allowed us to regulate the production which ultimately remained consistent with previous years. This will give fresh and fruity whites with good acidity as well as powerful, structured and tannic reds. [At the time of writing this, the grape varieties used in the conception of the rosés had not yet been determined]. »

A short distance away,

on the AOP Coteaux d’Aix, Christine PAUTUT (head of individual customers) said:

« An amazing year with big yields! Despite the drought, our irrigation system made it possible to regulate production, avoiding too much concentration (which remains in line with previous vintages). Very fine juices, with great finesse and great aromatic richness. This good production will allow us to extend the range with novelties around single-variety wines.»


after a particularly complicated 2021 for the majority of those in winemaking, overall 2022 looks like a good shot in the arm despite the drought and for some regions, disastrous climatic hazards.

Patrick Langlais

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