Golf, a “technical” sport !

Golf, a “technical” sport !

Not content with being an atypical sport, because of the misleading image it gives, golf is probably one of the most “technical” sports in the world.

Playing golf requires muscle coordination as well as dissociated movement of the upper and lower body.
This explains why each golfer’s swing is different, the reason being that we are all different – our age, our morphology but also our current physical and mental state.

It is for this reason that the golf swing is considered, rightly, as the most complex sporting gesture … which sometimes, for some unknown reason, goes wrong and causes the desperately frustrating feeling of not knowing how to play anymore.

Do you know what I’m talking about ?

So we go back to the driving range, we rework our routines, we take a lesson or we put our clubs away, waiting for it to come back.
Anyway, enthusiasts of this magnificent sport will tell you that they are all after one thing – the perfect swing.

But never actually finding it, or almost !

That said, even the best players in the world will admit that over 18 holes, on a good day, they only hit 3 or 4 “perfect” shots… so we can all live with hope!

Golf, a sport, a real one!

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